Since last November, B!Play has been part of ADigital, the Spanish Digital Economy Association. This entity, which already groups more than 500 companies, aims to promote and support the development of Spain’s digital economy.

B!Play offers a B2B technological solution that enables brands to enhance customer engagement with digital content rewards. The Spanish start-up, founded in 2015, offers a value proposition based on three foundations: technology, content and know-how in promotional marketing and customer loyalty.

In the words of Fernando García-Toledano, CEO of B!Play, joining ADigital is…

“a natural step, a clear bet on our company’s origin and fundamental purpose. For years we have been working closely with brands, supporting their promotional strategies with non-digital rewards but consumption habits have changed and the new digital environment removes many barriers that were previously limiting us and this multiplies our opportunities. This is the reason why two years ago it became clear to us that we had to migrate our business model from the non-digital environment to the digital one. Joining ADigital makes perfect sense at this stage, now that our business is launched and in a phase of growth.”

ADigital is the Spanish Digital Economy Association, with more than 500 members. Its goal is to promote and support Spain’s digital economy on different aspects, such as the information society services, e-commerce, marketing and digital communication, mobile applications, digital content, digital advertising and other related activities like contact centre services, agencies and advertising network, logistics or payment methods. Along with Autocontrol, ADigital is member of online confidence, a seal of quality with more than 2,000 adhered companies and present on more than 2,600 sites.